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Batman Street, Canberra, ACT

Chase Building Group

September 2019



Founders Lane is a precinct that will stand the test of time for the benefit and enjoyment of Canberra locals and visitors for many years to come.

Work completed includes extension of Batman Street connecting to the busy Cooyong Street. The extension consists of pavements, footpaths, bike racks and street furniture. Cappello’s scope included running sewer, stormwater, 300m of water mains, 327m of subsoil drain in addition to running gas, telecommunication, electric conduits, and installation of street lighting and traffic signals. Cappello also constructed the flexible pavement and carried out over 450m of kerb works and 200m² of footpath. Landscape works like planting, planter beds, grassing, topsoiling, and mulching were also completed by Cappello.