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Environmental Policy

Cappello Hydraulics & Civil is a Canberra-based construction company committed to meeting the requirements of ISO 14001 through implementation of our Environmental Policy, Environmental Management Planning and Environmental Risk Management.

Cappello Hydraulics & Civil acknowledges and accepts our obligation to preserve and protect the environment. Cappello Hydraulics & Civil, through the commitment and involvement of management and employees, is dedicated to the provision of built outcomes that are environmentally responsible to our customers, the workforce and the community.

Our Commitment

Our vision for the environment is to:

  • pursue continual improvement in our company environmental performance and achieve closer integration with process management; and
  • apply reasonable practices across the business in order to protect and enhance our reputation and meet the expectations of our stakeholders and the EPA.

Our Actions

To deliver our vision for the environment, Cappello Hydraulics & Civil will:

  • conduct all operations in accordance with relevant legislation;
  • ensure responsible waste management practices are consistently followed, including recycling;
  • implement suitable pollution control measures as required;
  • maintain a healthy working relationship with the EPA as part of our commitment to the protection of the environment;
  • provide adequate information and training to enable environmental impacts and opportunities to be identified, prioritised and managed effectively;
  • communicate initiatives and achievements to our customers, the workforce and community.

This policy represents our commitment to environmental preservation and protection. This policy will be reviewed annually in consultation with employees.